About Us

Loyola was the brainchild of the late Senate President Gil J. Puyat Sr, who was envisaged a memorial service company rooted in a commitment to genuine service and excellence. It was founded in October 19, 1968, with its core mission of helping the Filipinos attain financial freedom and an improved quality of life. At first, this seemed an impossible idea, but Loyola’s memorial service design was soon embraced by Filipinos.

The name Loyola stands for superior service which generations of Filipinos have come to recognize and experience during trying times Loyola Memorial Park Chapels & Crematory, Inc. Marikina was established in year 2000.

Loyola sought to improve its services further by introducing its cremation services in year. Cremation has become a more convenient and more affordable way for Filipinos to honour their dead.

Loyola promotes the affordability of its products and services at both high and low ends market, because all classes aspire to a dignified memorial service.

The logo of Loyola Chapels Marikina is a leaf and flame which symbolizes freedom and eternal light.

Thus Loyola became the platform for the realization of its founder’s dream. The cornerstone is Loyola’s mission to provide a dignified funeral service to Filipinos.